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FAQ – Child Support

Please review some commonly asked questions and my responses.  To submit your own question and get a response, please click here.

How much child support will I pay/receive?

Child support is calculated using a formula (called the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines) that takes into consideration:

  1. Both parties income
  2. The amount of children
  3. The amount of overnight visitations with the children
  4. Health insurance premiums
  5. Childcare
  6. Mandatory union and pension deductions
  7. Income Tax deductions
  8. Benefits for parents or children

Because all of these factors differ so greatly between people, there is not one set list of child support where you can determine how much you will pay.  An attorney can perform the calculations to give you a close estimate of what the Court will determine is your child support number.

Who does the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines apply to?

The New Jersey Child Support Guidelines do not apply in families with more than six children or if the children are over 18 and attending college away from home.   They also do not apply to what is considered “higher income” families where the after-tax income of both parties is $187,200.

How is child support determined for higher income families?

A “higher income” family is one where both parents’ combined after tax income is higher than $187,200.  The Court will make calculations for child support which take into consideration the lifestyle, resources and expenditures of this family in making a child support determination.  Usually, the NJ Child Support Guidelines will be run, and then an amount added to reflect the family income, the child’s needs, extracurricular expenses, and other factors that have to do with the child’s lifestyle.