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Grandparent and Third-Party Rights to Custody or Visitation

Extended families are important, and New Jersey law strives to keep children in contact with grandparents and other loved ones. Nevertheless, the state must also consider the rights of parents to raise their children as they see fit, and this might include not allowing children to visit grandparents or other adults. Read on to better… Read More »

The Divorce Process in New Jersey

Divorce can be emotionally exhausting, but there is no reason to avoid divorce because you are confused about the process. Before making the decision to file, you should have a handle on what will be expected of you. No two divorces are the same because each family is unique. Nevertheless, the divorce process roughly follows… Read More »

Can I Move Out of New Jersey with My Child?

Life rarely stands still, and divorced parents might soon find that they want to move with their children after a divorce. A recent decision from the Supreme Court of New Jersey has changed what you need to show in order to get permission for the move. Because this is a complicated area of law, you… Read More »

The Impact of the New Alimony Law in New Jersey

New Jersey’s alimony laws were long criticized as being outdated and in need of a face lift. In 2015, Governor Christie responded to these calls and signed a new alimony law, changing whether couples will need to make alimony payments to ex-spouses and for how long. Say “Goodbye” to Permanent Alimony In the past, some… Read More »

Temporary and Final Restraining Order Procedure and Practice

If you are a victim of Domestic Violence, or you have had a restraining order entered against you, this guide will provide information as to the process of obtaining a temporary restraining order and the procedure of a final restraining order hearing. What is a restraining order? A restraining order is an order issued by… Read More »

The Effect of the New Tax Laws on Alimony in New Jersey

The new provisions in the recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act represent the most significant changes to tax law in several decades. For people paying or receiving alimony, the changes are particularly significant. Before the law goes into effect in 2019, you should carefully review how it will affect alimony payments. Alimony Will No… Read More »