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Category Archives: Custody and Visitation

Is Your Ex Interfering With Visitation?

What happens if your ex is actively interfering with your ability to see your children during your visitation? What are your rights? What action can be taken? Fortunately, New Jersey takes these allegations seriously, and you can press your legal rights in court. Common Scenarios Few parents will come right out and tell their ex,… Read More »

Child Custody: How to get it, how to change it

New Jersey Child Custody Divorce is fraught with many difficult emotions, but nothing is more emotional than a custody fight. Ideally, you and the other parent can reach an agreement on custody and therefore avoid the expense and stress of a protracted court battle. When agreement is not possible, a judge will need to determine… Read More »

Grandparent and Third-Party Rights to Custody or Visitation

Extended families are important, and New Jersey law strives to keep children in contact with grandparents and other loved ones. Nevertheless, the state must also consider the rights of parents to raise their children as they see fit, and this might include not allowing children to visit grandparents or other adults. Read on to better… Read More »

Can I Move Out of New Jersey with My Child?

Life rarely stands still, and divorced parents might soon find that they want to move with their children after a divorce. A recent decision from the Supreme Court of New Jersey has changed what you need to show in order to get permission for the move. Because this is a complicated area of law, you… Read More »