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Continuing Child Support Past Age 19

Child support obligations do not last forever. According to N.J.S.A. 2A:17-56.67, child support obligations terminate when your child marries, dies, enters the military, or reaches age 19. What happens if you need child support past age 19? Increasingly, children are not equipped to support themselves even if they are legally adults. Instead, they might need… Read More »

Changing Your Last Name After Divorce

Many women adopt their husband’s name after marrying. Increasingly, same-sex couples are also adopting a new last name when they marry. However, when deciding to divorce, these individuals face the question of whether they want to return to the name they had before getting married. Should You Go Back to Your Old Name? Many factors… Read More »

How to Tell Your Children You are Divorcing

Divorce can be traumatic for children. Not long ago, very few parents divorced when their children were young, fearing that they would forever wound their children emotionally. As subsequent experience has shown, children are resilient individuals who can adjust to changed circumstances, including divorce. Nevertheless, parents should approach the issue in the right way. Gather… Read More »

Can I Agree to Waive Child Support?

Couples who are splitting up can decide many different issues between themselves. For example, they can agree how to divide marital assets and marital debts, as well as whether one spouse will pay the other alimony. Giving couples this power helps promote cooperation and negotiation. It also makes things easier for the state’s court system,… Read More »

Who Gets the Dog? Pet Custody and New Jersey Divorce

During a divorce, couples must decide how to divide their property—homes, automobiles, even retirement accounts. But something feels wrong about calling your beloved pet a piece of property. After all, you love and take care of your dog or cat in a way that you do not pay attention to your dining room set. Even… Read More »

Common Mistakes Made in Divorce Mediation

New Jersey’s divorce courts put a premium on cooperation. To that end, divorcing couples typically need to attend multiple mediation sessions. Couples can also voluntarily enter into mediation to try and work out their differences so that the divorce will proceed as smoothly as possible. If you are preparing for economic mediation or an intensive… Read More »

Is Your Ex Interfering With Visitation?

What happens if your ex is actively interfering with your ability to see your children during your visitation? What are your rights? What action can be taken? Fortunately, New Jersey takes these allegations seriously, and you can press your legal rights in court. Common Scenarios Few parents will come right out and tell their ex,… Read More »

Getting an Annulment in New Jersey

Couples who are planning to separate should consider their options. One option, annulment, is not often well understood. Like a divorce, an annulment legally dissolves a marriage. However, an annulment treats the marriage as if it never happened, whereas a divorce recognizes the legitimacy of the marriage. In New Jersey, couples can get an annulment… Read More »

Child Custody: How to get it, how to change it

New Jersey Child Custody Divorce is fraught with many difficult emotions, but nothing is more emotional than a custody fight. Ideally, you and the other parent can reach an agreement on custody and therefore avoid the expense and stress of a protracted court battle. When agreement is not possible, a judge will need to determine… Read More »

Child Support: How to get it, change it, and how is it calculated?

Child Support in New Jersey New Jersey parents have a legal obligation to financially provide for their children. This duty exists regardless of whether a parent intends to maintain a relationship with the child or decides to leave town and never see the child again. In fact, the state will garnish your wages and take… Read More »